At the edge of creation, is the living mystery of the moment. For the ecstasy of riding on the breath and allowing divine energy to move your body. To plug into your source of life force, open the channel. To receive your truth and know the magic of You.
If you’re picking up the vibes, and want to celebrate life in this way…it will be my honor to be and dance with you.
Come in comfortable clothing to move in, no dance experience required. This is an opportunity to be in communion with your spirit, body and community. Learn and experience the basics of dance channeling and offer up your intentions through your movement. To honor what is wanting to go, what is wanting to come forth and what is wanting to move through us at this time. Come play, feel, heal, discover, explore, create and celebrate this rich embodied life!
Hosted and guided by Kyla Dawn at MoveMe Studio
Register @ or paypal or venmo
~ $30 or $35 at the door