Fitness that Frees You while Connecting with Community! You can join us for private, semi private, and small group Pilates classes or  dance with Sarah as part of the Nia Marin program ( !  Our classes and private sessions are cultivated with REAL bodies in mind.  Give yourself the gift of one hour in the studio and you will:

  • build strength
  • gain flexibility
  • increase mobility
  • overcome injury
  • feel GREAT while having FUN!

CommUNITY fitness at its best!

We move, laugh, cry, and sweat together because we CAN!

“I began Pilates at MoveMe by working one on one with Sarah in private sessions to prepare me for a group class setting. This was one of the best investments I have ever made for myself. Sarah is a truly gifted teacher and creates a very calm, nurturing and relaxed environment in her studio. I felt supported, motivated and eager to learn more.”  Ellie F.

“I started private Pilates instruction with Sarah at Move Me Studio almost 2 years ago, and soon found her classes to be physically challenging, but also more than a little addictive. In order to be able to take better advantage of the very satisfying “flow” that Sarah creates with her customized program, I extended my regular class from 60 minutes to 90 minutes, resulting in a work-out that pushes but rewards in equal measure.
Sarah and her team are always very attentive and accommodating, and I look forward to each and every class as much as I would an afternoon adventure on my bike, paddle board or kayak – other addictions of mine. In fact, I consider my sessions with Sarah to be moments of alchemy where the physical exertion of those other activities is transformed, through her careful attention, into actual physical well-being.” – Terry B.