We offer Nia classes 7 days a week, which are open to all levels,  complete schedule and pricing can be found here: http://www.niamarin.com

Nia is the art of movement the body’s way. Nia is a cardio-dance workout, a movement practice, and lifestyle based on the intelligent design of the body. There is a beautiful fusion of Dance, Martial Arts and Yoga. It’s all about what it feels like, not what it looks like. Nia is for every BODY regardless of size, shape or age.

The Pilates Reformer and Wall Tower apparatus help you find your muscles, creating greater body awareness and teach you how to use your body so you can do the mat work more efficiently.

Reformer and Tower help you:

  • understand your body, how it stretches and moves with the aid of the resistance pulleys and springs
  • facilitate rehabilitation from injury
  • elevate your mat workout to a new level

Pilates mat classes are designed to get you fully aligned in your body, while tapping into your powerhouse core.  In Mat class we use props such as foam rollers, yoga straps, blocks, balls, and sandbags in creative and fun ways.

You will:

  • improve your flexibility, stability and posture
  • increase strength
  • find more ease in everyday movements