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Sarah Caveney

Owner/Licensed Nia Teacher, Pilates Instructor, Somatic Educator

Movement is my healing elixer for my physical body, my mood, and my spiritual self.  As a former gymnast and musician, Nia dance and Pilates come naturally to me and make me feel at home in my body and centered in my life.  I teach you how to find a physical connection to JOY in my classes while emphasizing proper form for whole body conditioning.  All I ask is that you bring YOURSELF fully as YOU are in the present moment so that you can reach your potential.

My intention for MoveMe Studio is to bring like-minded people together in an inviting space with an inclusive attitude.

Shamani Romans

Pilates Instructor

Pilates and Danyasa inspired yoga instructor, Shamani Romans, studied Kinesiology at SDSU and graduated with a Bachelors in Science w/an emphasis in Fitness, Nutrition and health in 2000.

She began her Wellness path as a Personal Fitness trainer and then became a certified Pilates instructor in 2003 by PhysicalMind Institute of NYC. Shamani also obtained a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology in 2008, taking her deeper into the depths of Mind, body, and spiritual awakening. Shamani traveled to Costa Rica in March 2013 to embody and experience a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Danyasa inspired certification.

She has a strong passion for teaching and guiding people on a self- empowered journey to connect with their highest potential by delving into the deepest, most powerful realms of the Mind, body, spirit connection. Shamani Loves to dance, Hike, snowboard, mountain bike and be close to the ocean.

Eileen Murphy

Kundalini Teacher

Eileen “Sat Puran” teaches Kundalini Yoga because she has experienced the healing power of it first hand. “I’ll never forget walking into my first Kundalini Yoga class with such bad back problems, I had started using a cane at work. I walked out of that class and haven’t touched a cane since!” Keeping with the healing thread, Eileen utilizes the Symphonic Gong in her classes. She loves nothing more than hearing the sighs from her students after about two minutes of experiencing the soft, rolling, healing waves of sound that a gong bath creates.

Michell Kawaja

Nia Teacher

Michell is a certified blue belt Nia Technique teacher, graduate of the Tamalpa Institute for movement based expressive arts therapy, and former professional ballerina. After graduating The Juilliard School, she spent 17 years teaching a variety of classes and workshops to children and adults throughout Oregon, California, and Texas. She is also a mother of 3 beautiful boys and wife to the eHarmony love of her life.

Michell conducts her classes with a heavy focus on the joy of movement. She strives to make movement accessible to all students, encouraging them to explore their creative potential, tap into body awareness, and above all, let loose and have fun!

Sue Herbertson

Pilates Instructor

Feeling alive and vibrant in my body is what makes me thrive.  With great excitement, I discovered Pilates in 2012 and have been in the practice and training ever since.  I continue adding different aspects to my training and refining my own holistic style of body awareness and health on a regular basis to constantly improve my students’ experience in both my group classes and private reformer sessions.  Being a part of the MoveMe Studio team is a blessing and I am grateful to serve this community!

Tanja Fanta

Nia Instructor

My joy is to dance!

Nia opens me to joy every time I step in and on to the dance floor.

I came to Nia with a long background in dance and am now a licensed Black Belt. When I traveled to India for a year, I also discovered the freedom of expressive movement with FreeDance and Dance Meditations.

I knew I wanted to share my joy with others and so I started my journey as a Nia teacher, creating energizing, expressive and healing movement experiences for myself and my students. So come and join me and treat yourself to a mind-body fitness class!

Come Join The Movement and see you on the dance floor!

Jean-Marie Hays

Yoga Teacher

Jean Marie Hays was first drawn to yoga for the sheer joy of being in her body. At 13, finding a book by Swami Satchidananda, she began her own practice. Teaching others was natural. She began showing her neighborhood friends yoga postures. Her joy became her passion for helping others.

Jean Marie has now been teaching classes, workshops, retreats and private clients for over thirty years. She is founder of Integrative Wellness Counseling, former owner of The Yoga Source and author/producer of the CD, “Deep Relaxation” (available at

Jean Marie encourages each student toward a practice transcending style, unique to each individual. Her teaching is heartfelt and nurturing. “I see yoga as a doorway to self-love, self-acceptance and the freedom that comes when we learn to be compassionately and unconditionally present with ourselves and the world around us.”

Cheryl King

Nia Teacher

I came to NIA teaching with a long background in dance with ballet and jazz as my primary forms in early years. Later, through Gabrielle Roth, I discovered the healing power of the freedom of expressive movement combined with art and performance and taught that for several years in San Francisco and in Marin County. WhiIe expressive movement served me in many ways, I found that having been a performing dancer, I missed structured choreography as well. When I found NIA, it was just what I was looking for – a joyful blend of form and freedom in movement to facilitate physical and emotional healing, strength and fitness. I bring to NIA a deep love and trust of the body, a sense of humor, an absolute joy in movement, inspiration and an intention to help others grow and heal in body, mind and spirit.