Sarah Caveney

Owner/Licensed Nia Teacher, Pilates Instructor, Somatic Educator

Movement is my healing elixer for my physical body, my mood, and my spiritual self.  As a former gymnast and musician, Nia dance and Pilates come naturally to me and make me feel at home in my body and centered in my life.  I teach you how to find a physical connection to JOY in my classes while emphasizing proper form for whole body conditioning.  All I ask is that you bring YOURSELF fully as YOU are in the present moment so that you can reach your potential.

Sue Herbertson

Pilates Instructor

Feeling alive and vibrant in my body is what makes me thrive.  With great excitement, I discovered Pilates in 2012 and have been in the practice and training ever since.  I continue adding different aspects to my training and refining my own holistic style of body awareness and health on a regular basis to constantly improve my students’ experience in both my group classes and private reformer sessions.  Being a part of the MoveMe Studio team is a blessing and I am grateful to serve this community!